Making a Career Transition into Craft Beer

How do you execute a major career change? For some people, it's forced upon them through a layoff or other major life event. Some quit their day job and go back to school full-time. I did it gradually - first with no set timeframe for the change, and then with much more focus. When I started this blog I was simply a hobbyist. I'm now well into my transition to the craft beer industry. Tokens of my two prized beer certifications I now have two respected beer industry certifications and a part-time job in the field. I'm closing in on finding a full-time position. This has taken planning and hard work. There are logistical things to consider during a career change. Do you have enough savings to tide you over during a period of un- or underemployment? Can you live on a lower salary, if your new career pays less? I was lucky to have savings to fund a period of full-time study. I also made efforts to pay off debt and to manage on a lower monthly income, even before I quit my old

Craft Breweries in and around Washington DC, USA

I lived in the Washington DC area for 18 years and I was certainly a fan of craft beer during that time. But it wasn't until after I left our Nation's Capital that I truly started honing my skills and ramping up my visits to as many breweries as possible. I still return to the DC area on occasion, so I've had a chance to experience several of the local breweries with a fresh palate. I compiled the following list of breweries in Washington DC and surrounding communities in Maryland and Virginia. It is by no means comprehensive. I have more tasting to do, but it's my hope this will give you a great start. District of Columbia Atlas Brew Works Atlas Brew Works is 100% solar powered, so you can thank the sun for the tasty beer (thank the brewers too). If that isn't cool enough, the draught list is creative, with something for everyone, and you may recognize some of the popular brews because they distribute regionally. Atlas is a production brewery and a taproom; t

Brewing My Own at North High Brewing Co - Columbus, Ohio, USA

Occasionally, I come across a brewery with a unique hands-on opportunity. North High Brewing Co in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, USA is one such brewery. North High opened six and a half years ago as a small, street-front brewery and taproom on High Street, the city's primary North-South thoroughfare. It's centrally located between the Ohio State University campus and the Short North Arts District, with lots of opportunity for drive-by and walk-in customers. It wasn't long before North High outgrew their original space and expanded to a much larger production facility not far away. The original taproom remains a hub for craft beer drinkers, and the original brew house is a " brew your own " facility.   I brewed my own beer Brew Day Not yet having hands-on brewing experience, I decided that North High's program would be the perfect way for me to get my feet wet with zero investment in home brewing equipment and supplies. I gathered my stepmom Kim an