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Launching a New Journey: The Brewery Log

My name is Sandy and I'm just your average beer geek...or maybe I'm not. I have a love of travel and a curiosity for finding beer at its source. I've visited over 100 breweries worldwide. While I enjoy sharing my brewery journeys with others, I'm often a solo traveler. I sometimes get curious comments when I'm sitting in a taproom by myself. Is it really that unusual for a woman to travel for beer? I don't see why it should be. I'm here to open up the world of craft and microbreweries to you.

Credentials What are my qualifications, you might ask? Well, I have two things on paper:

Certified Beer Server - Level 1 certification in the knowledge of beer styles, brewing basics, and the proper serving of beer. It means that I did some homework and passed an exam. My certificate was granted by the Cicerone© Certification Program, the same folks who accredit Certified Cicerones, Advanced Cicerones and Master Cicerones. These designations are the beer equivalents to …