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Making a Career Transition into Craft Beer

How do you execute a major career change? For some people, it's forced upon them through a layoff or other major life event. Some quit their day job and go back to school full-time. I did it gradually - first with no set timeframe for the change, and then with much more focus. When I started this blog I was simply a hobbyist. I'm now well into my transition to the craft beer industry. Tokens of my two prized beer certifications I now have two respected beer industry certifications and a part-time job in the field. I'm closing in on finding a full-time position. This has taken planning and hard work. There are logistical things to consider during a career change. Do you have enough savings to tide you over during a period of un- or underemployment? Can you live on a lower salary, if your new career pays less? I was lucky to have savings to fund a period of full-time study. I also made efforts to pay off debt and to manage on a lower monthly income, even before I quit my old