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Carillon Brewing Co. - Dayton, Ohio, USA

I've been to quite a few breweries, but never someplace like this.  Carillon Brewing Co. in Dayton, Ohio is a living museum situated in  Carillon Historical Park , home of Dayton's history museum. Walking into the brewery, you are transported back nearly 200 years to Dayton in the year 1850. Staff members look the part, wearing period clothing, though they speak in modern English.  Carillon Brewing Co. resides in a newer building with 1850s aesthetics The living museum is full of character My friend Shelly joined me at Carillon and, like I prefer to do, we sat at the bar. From that vantage point, we could see everything. The building had two floors, but most of the second floor was open, and the presence of the brewing fireplaces created a warm, welcoming atmosphere on the gray, autumn day. Although the brick building is new construction (Carillon opened in 2014), it was built to appear as a new 1850 building with exposed bricks and unfinished wood throughout. Th

Sandy Springs Brewing Co. - Minerva, Ohio, USA

The first week of November in northeastern Ohio brings crisp, cool weather and colorful foliage of ambers and reds. This year it also brought the grand opening of Sandy Springs Brewing Co. in the quaint town of Minerva. And the taps flowed with brews in those beautiful autumn hues. I do like to visit a brewery on its opening weekend, and this was my third time doing so this season. Everything I saw on social media indicated that this little brewery in an out-of-the-way Ohio town would be well worth my time, and it certainly was. Sandy Springs Brewing Co. building and patio The Building I drove into Minerva in late afternoon and found Sandy Springs on a prominent downtown street corner in the same block as the City Hall. Street parking was easy to find within easy walking distance. My first good look at the brewery came as I approached from across the street. The two-story brick building is fairly simple in its presentation, which is perfectly fine, because the patio steals

Pretentious Barrel House - Columbus, Ohio, USA

Dear Friends - welcome to the first review of The Brewery Log . I hope you'll enjoy learning about the breweries I encounter during my travels. Without further ado - I've been tasting my way around Columbus, Ohio breweries since moving to town this year. I've been to every brewery with an open taproom at least once, and I'm subscribed to several social media sites or mailing lists to learn about all things beer. So it came as a surprise when I found out, quite accidentally, that there was a new brewery in town. Pretentious Barrel House opened on October 14, 2017 in an unassuming neighborhood on the East side of Columbus. I made a point to get out there the very day I learned of its existence. Pretentious Barrel House, run by owner and brewer Josh Martinez, specializes in sour beers. While I enjoy all beer styles, I do have a soft spot for sours. I arrived shortly before closing on a Sunday evening and the crowd had left for the night. Lucky for me, I had my own o